Turn around time reduction concept

Turn around time reduction concept (TATR) is a methodology aimed at maturing an asset’s risk based inspection strategy in a structured manner, through 4 maturity phases, improving inspection effectiveness as well as inspection efficiency. TATR aims at reducing the impact of inspection on:

– Turn around scope and duration
– Intervention costs for preparation of equipment
– HSSE risk of confined space entry

The TATR concept:

The TATR process identifies value at an early stage and at low cost for the OU/project. Further investigation is only done if clear opportunities are identified, preventing that large costs are made without any tangible results.

Applicability for projects:

Applying the TATR methodology during asset design will help create an optimal environment for Minimum Intervention Inspections. Examples may include:
– Designing vessels for NII (outside access, no doubler plates or cages ladders) or RII (accessibility through sufficient hand holes)
– Identifying critical items with regards to material selection that have an impact on non-intrusice inspectability making QA/QC more important (e.g. internal steel cladding)

Key Elements:

Turnaround optimisation
– RBI Quality Review
– MISI scope optimisation
– Non-Intrusice Inspection
– Robotic Inspections

Longer term strategy:

– Corrosion Monitoring

Online NII (High Temperature)

– No loss of production
– Inspection results before T/A
– Less stress on plant equipment
– Shorten on T/A time

Less than 5% of T/A work related to internal inspection is actual inspection work. The rest is preparatory work to make the equipment safe for human entry, such as:

– Spading nozzle connections and opening of manholes
– Cleaning and venting
– Removing and reinstating internals for access
– Erecting and removing internal scaffolding
– Safeguarding confined space entry

TATR aims to eliminate or reduce this preparatory work and save cost and reduce production deferment, by reviewing RBI for decreasing scope or by assessing alternative inspection techniques such as (high temperature) Non-Intrusive Inspection and Robotic Inspection.

Studies have shown that T/A intrusive inspection scope can be reduced up to 40% using RBI and TATR technologies. At a UK gas plant use of Non-Intrusive Inspection led to elimination of >40 T/A days and >£0,5M direct savings.

Our Services for TATR

One-day TATR feasibility study:

Review a part of your facility to assess the potential for TATR improvements

RBI Quality review:

Review and advise on the quality of the customer’s RBI database and perform further optimization.

Turn around and periodic inspection optimasation:

Advise on the facility assets for TA’s and periodic inspections to optimize and minimize the inspection scope.

(High Temperature) Non-Intrusive Inspections and Robotics:

NDT NII services to inspect your asset up to 485°C from the outside and robotic services to enter confined spaces if internal inspection is required.

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