Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

With PAUT technology, we can do continuous inspections at 350°C (662°F). The high temperature PAUT NII inspection method is the ideal solution for weld flaw detection, corrosion mapping and the detection of other types of cracking.

Ensure Component Quality Time and Cost Effectively

Phased array (PA) is widely used in several sectors, from power generation to construction industries. It is an advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) method that uses an ultrasonic technique to determine component quality and detect failure such as flaws or cracks. Furthermore, Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing can be effectively used for wall thickness measurements in conjunction with corrosion testing. Its efficiency comes from the combination of many angles and focus depths through to one probe which then performs several different inspections without the need for changing the transducer assembly. The inspection results are clearly stored and displayed for reporting. It can be used on standard and special materials like austenitic and high alloy materials.

Sonotech specialized in providing a complete range of advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) services. In addition to operating a competence center for advanced NDT based in Trinidad & Tobago & available to the Caribbean. Acknowledged as leaders in the field, Sonotech invests heavily in R&D and operates an accredited training school for advanced NDT as well as offering its expert services globally.

Benefits of Phased Array Ulrasonic Testing at a Glance

Using Sonotech’s phased array ultrasonic testing, you gain:

  • Simplified inspection of components that have complex geometry.
  • Inspection of many different materials possible.
  • High temperature inspections possible up to over 350°C.
    Speedy inspection compared to conventional ultrasonic testing.
  • Higher probability of problem detection thanks to testing from multiple angles with a single probe.
  • All inspection data presented in an understandable graphic format.
  • Well qualified operators.
  • Sonovation´s exclusive one-stop shop services.

PAUT is the ideal solution for weld flaw detection & corrosion mapping

The high temperature PAUT NII inspection method is the ideal solution for weld flaw detection, corrosion mapping and the detection of other types of cracking. Up to 350°C (662°F) Sonotech has standardised and validated the PAUT inspections as per the ISO pre-service standard for pressure equipment (EN-ISO 10863).

Phased Array is one of the main ultrasonic testing technologies at Sonotech

Phased Array Ultrasonic testing (PAUT) is one of the main ultrasonic testing technologies available at Sonotech. PAUT probes are build up with several piezoelectric elements, which can be fired individually. The combination of these pulses, controlled by computer calculated timings, create the phase aspect of the technology. The ultrasonic beam can be focused, shaped and moved electronically.

Our Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing Follows This Procedure

  • Multiple ultrasonic elements and time delays create beams.
  • Software controls beam angle and focus.
  • Eco information is set together to form a visual image.

Application Range of Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing

Everywhere, where conventional ultrasonic testing has been used.

  • Weld inspection
  • Crack and flaw detection
  • Thickness measurements
  • Corrosion inspections

Expose vulnerable components with state-of-the-art phased array ultrasonic testing

Phased array (PA) is widely used in several industrial sectors, from power generation to construction. It is an advanced non-destructive testing method using ultrasonic technology to help professionals working in the oil and gas industry to assess component quality and identify risk factors.

We provide a comprehensive portfolio of PA inspection services to support our clients in their efforts to ensure the safe, reliable, efficient and productive operation of their individual system components. Our phased array ultrasonic testing can be used on special geometries (i.e. nozzles) as well as on standard and special materials like austenitic and high alloy materials while evaluating assets, protecting investment and sustaining profitability.

Our experts at Sonotech are specialized in providing a complete range of a services. Acknowledged as leaders in the field, we invest heavily in R&D, operate an accredited training school for advanced NDT and provide expert services globally.

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We can provide you with simplified inspection of complex components made up of many different materials at temperatures of up to 400°C. By using only one phased array probe it is possible to perform several inspections without changing the transducer assembly. Faster than conventional ultrasonic testing, our inspections are conducted by qualified technicians to maximize the probability of detection and identifying potential problems like flaws and cracks. We present you reliable digital data results in an easy-to-understand graphic format. Our phased array inspection services help you make sure your business stays up and running.

Multiple ways of how the PA probe can be operated

For service work on site, we position the PA probe on a wedge. There are different ways how the probe can be operated. The beam can be positioned under an angle, or programmed in a way that several angles are covered (sectorial scan). The Total Focussing Method (TFM), which is also available on the SonoInspec equipment (VEO 3), is based on firing with one element and receiving with all elements. An algorithm reconstructs the received signals from all the shots and displays the signals in a 3D view, where focus is on all the pixel positions in the grid.

Our ultrasonic phased array testing methodology

Prior to any inspection, our expert inspectors perform comprehensive consultancy services regarding the suitability of your technical application. Once we have determined that our phased array ultrasonic testing is appropriate for your application, we will expeditiously schedule your inspection.

Within our comprehensive phased array testing, our inspectors will:

  • Create customized beams using multiple ultrasonic elements and time delays.
  • Determine the optimal angle and focus control to detect flaws.
  • Take special precautions such as probe cooling when necessary.
  • Collect and store data using a broad range of phased array equipment
  • Create inspection setups by using our in-house ScanPlan® software.
  • Process information to produce a visual image.
  • Prepare inspection reports and interpret data output.

Our phased array technology can be used to inspect welds, measure thickness, detect suspicious cracks and flaws and to identify and monitor potentially harmful corrosion.

Augmented by a database holding a number of basic geometries and weld preparations, our ScanPlan® software can be adjusted to properly examine any component. Inspection quality is maximized by the instant visualization of core changes and the generation of easy-to-understand report formats ready to be immediately exported for closer analysis. In addition, ScanPlan® records all parameters and results of your inspection for subsequent revision and evaluation.

Trusted expertise and experience in advanced phased array technology

Our highly qualified experts carry out comprehensive phased array inspections and are happy to share their expertise in PA training courses held in our accredited training facilities for non-destructive testing. We have extensive experience in applying phased array technology in many industrial settings. Our technicians provide fast and flexible phased array inspection for reliable and cost-efficient results. We support you with comprehensive, one-stop-shop services tailored to your testing and inspection needs.

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